In November of 1998, 16 people gathered together in the breakroom of the Eveland Brothers Collision Repair Center and made 2 prayerful decisions. The first was a confident declaration that they were called to establish a local church in the Kansas City metro area, the second was a bold step of faith to enter a contract agreement to purchase our current church facility.

Over the past years we have seen God establish a vibrant, Spirit-filled community that has grown in spirit, discipleship and numbers, with a mission to become a passionate, soul-winning, Spirit-filled fellowship with a heart for local, regional and global missions. Today we are alive with powerful multi-service worship celebrations with incredible ministry to the whole family. Children, youth, family, singles and the elderly all have found a place to connect, receive and serve.

In late 2008, our Children's Ministry was relaunched as ConnectedKiDZ.com with a focus on reaching kids of the 21st century and producing some of the best outreach events around.  The summer of 2009 was the launch of our biggest annual community program called Summer Explosion.  This one week event has evolved into a huge church-wide camp for kids and is now in it's fifth year. (www.summerexplosion.org)   Also in 2009, our church became affiliated with Ministers Fellowship International based out of Portland, Oregon.  Our church has hosted the Annual Midwest Regional Conference for MFI for the past couple of years and Pastor David is currently serving as the Assistant Regional Director of the Midwest MFI Region.

In late 2010, we launched a new service style that we dubbed "Church Interactive."  Our purpose was to change our service structure to get people from being spectators to being participants in our worship experiences.  This change has sparked a growth of 2011 that was unbelievable.  in 2011, the church almost doubled in size and in the fall of 2011, we had to add a third worship experience on Saturday nights.  We are committed to "Making Room For More" and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

2012 was declared as a "Year of Increase" for our church.  In April of 2012 we relaunched our youth ministry as Encounter Student Ministries with the desire to provide excellent ministry to teens that builds upon and works cooperatively with our children's ministry.  Many people kept on coming to Church of the Harvest and we quickly realized we needed to not only "Make Room For More," but also consider "Building Room For More."  

In August we secured financing to double our space and build onto the north side of our current facility.  We entered into a partnership with Strickland Construction and began building drawings.  In October, we committed as a church to raise the FFE's (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) as well as the cost to rennovate the current facility into our "NextGen" building.  Pledges are made, the giving has begun and the ground was officially broken.

2013 will be a year that we "Connect to God's Presence, God's People and God's Purpose." In January, we launched a 4th service to continue to provide space for all that God is sending our way as construction continues on our new facility.  We will be celebrating our 15th anniversary as a church as well as moving into our newly built and rennovated campus. There is a lot more history to write about this church and we hope it includes you and  your family.  We look forward to seeing what God has in store for us this year.