Now That'll Preach | Episode 2 | Born Again

We are so excited about this newest video series we are producing! People send in their questions and topics and without any preparation or knowledge of the topics and Pastor David responds. We received so many text messages that we have material for almost a whole year!

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hello and welcome back to now that'll preach my name my name is jared crowley and i'm your host for today this is pastor david freck of course who is going to be answering any and all questions slash topics that you throw at him um you can text our number down here if you want to be a part we have a ton of questions so we'll get to it when we can all right but uh basically the theme of this show is we are asking pastor david to preach a little five seven ten minutes sermonette and we are giving him no prep whatsoever i'm just asking a question i love the format and one of the reasons i love it is because uh one of the things i do in my what i call my timothy training or lti training is i tell them they have to be instant yeah in season and now the ability to give a man for the an answer for the hope that lies within you and and i test him on it i actually say okay you got five minutes go yeah figure out something come back and preach and uh that pressure uh puts a demand on what you put in yourself so you reflect on you it hopefully reveals that you've put something in there that the holy spirit can draw upon totally and uh and give some solutions now having said that i'm still human and we can make mistakes yeah there's plenty of grace for that sure sure no i mean it's just like you know praying for somebody if someone calls you out to pray you might have no idea who this person is but some might come out of it because you've been called upon you know so all right our question for this week is kind of another softball one but i'm i i i like the way that you talk about this topic a lot okay um so what does it mean to be born again so like what does that really practically mean okay what does it mean spiritually what does it mean for eternity yeah born again a fancy word for born again would be regeneration by the holy spirit so being born again the question was asked in john chapter 3 of nicodemus who was a pharisee a learned

purveyor of the scriptures the torah and a responsible leader within his community a religious leader he snuck out met jesus late at night and in that meeting um you know he just says hey nobody could do what you're doing jesus unless you know god was with him and and jesus just kind of goes right to it and and says to him you must be born again so he confronts an idea that nicodemus has never ever considered this is not on his torah training classes the idea of being born again and so the the natural response to that was by nicodemus was how's that possible yeah am i am i supposed to somehow as a grown man climb up back into my mother's womb and be born again is that even you know in other words that's a pretty crazy statement you know so he he's he's using logic to deal with a spiritual truth that jesus is trying to convey and then jesus once again i love the simplicity of how god answers these things jesus says you know that which is born of the flesh is flesh that which is born of the spirit of spirit don't be surprised that i'm telling you you must be born again or you have to be born again right so he's letting him know that you've already had the natural birth i'm not talking about natural right that which is born of the flesh i'm talking about a spiritual birth and so it's very simple it's the understanding of the spiritual birth so the spiritual birth comes first by the recognition that you're dead that you're not alive to god spiritually right and that happened in the garden when adam sinned fell away from god was excommunicated from the garden the consequence of that was when adam sinned according to according to romans when adam sinned i sinned you sinned we all sinned because we were all in adam we're all children of adam right so the nature of sin was then passed down genetically spiritually to us the consequence of that is uh according to what god told adam at the time which is you know if you do this you're gonna die right right right well he didn't physically die that moment but he died immediately spiritually right he became dead he became dead in his awareness his relationship his connectivity with god right it became it became dead and and that's been passed down so we're all dead according to romans we're all dead in our trespasses and in our sins right right so our sin separates us from god and a sacrificial system was implemented in the old testament to show us how exceedingly sinful we were that no matter how many you know doves or lambs or oxen were killed it still couldn't fully absolve us or bring a solution right to the thing that was separating us from god and so then that's when jesus came jesus came to become the lamb of god that removes the sins of the world right so he came to pour out his blood and he died according to hebrews once and for all so he doesn't have to keep dying his solution on the cross was to absolve or remove the power of sin right and the sins stand from our soul now the only way that it gets activated in you and i is by putting our faith in that sacrificial work of jesus on the cross that's where that comes so i believe he died because of my sin and for my sin right so he became me just like i was in adam when adam sinned i was in christ when he died right and so my sin died with him but i have to put my faith in that if i don't put my faith in that then there's no connection of faith to the power of god which is the regenerative work of the holy spirit that's when i become born again so then he we all know he went into the tomb stayed there three days and then he was raised by the power of god to walk in newness of life and so we once again are in christ not just in his death but in his resurrection that's the power of the testimony of baptism we go down old man come up to rise in newness of life so this is maybe an over simplification but it really is the essence of it that jesus died for our sin because we were dead and then when he rose from the grave if i put my faith in his death and resurrection then i my sin dies with him and i am raised with him in newness of life sure and so when i put my faith in that the power of the holy spirit is activated in my life and in the spirit i become born again to be a new kind of person and that's what uh second corinthians says in chapter 5 verse 8 17-18 it says if any man is in christ he is a new creation old things are passing away everything is becoming new right and so this is where that new birth takes hold and now it's about us growing up into christ so i don't become perfect at salvation my spirit's perfect but i still got this soul i still got this life that i'm i've got all this sin effect that is still being translated by the my thoughts by my actions by my habits by my behaviors by my personality issues and so i i have to grow into i have to grow with that regenerative work sure just like when you're born right you know you don't start running and feeding yourself and taking care of that you gotta you gotta have a process that's why we need church that's why we need to pray that's why we need to read our bibles that's why we need to do these because these things help us grow up into christ that's why small groups are important that's why all of this is a part um fellowship is important because it it helps nurture us in our growth right in him so that we can become the full reflection of what he's called us to be sure and we reflect the reason why we were born right again right so uh we're born again not to live our life we're born again to live his life yeah through us and so that's really uh that's really the goal that god has in the bourne organic spirit plus being reunited with our father sure yeah um so what is that like as far as like practically because i think it's really easy i wouldn't say easy but it's it's really like nice to celebrate the things that we sort of take off you know what i mean when we're born again like because a lot of them are very destructive you know what i mean like yeah stress behaviors yeah exactly addictions and like all these things that are splitting up your family and making your you know literally keeping you in hell like here on earth um but what are some of the things that you would say are things that someone who's born again would like take on you know what i mean what are some traits that you can look at and say that's how someone who's born again would react to this situation or that's what they would feel about this thing right yeah you you have a baseline which is the nature of christ so it's it's ultimately the nature of christ so um you once again you have to grow into it sure the bible calls it the fruits of the spirit so fruits are produced so there's this developmental component so that's why i talk about growing up totally but what starts in us is a focused passion so like like a baby when it's born knows the voice of its mother for sure and knows the voice of its father for sure as long as they're you know the parents are there together they know that and there's a familiarity in relationship to that so when nobody else can calm or sue the child the mother can't right and the father can right so there's this innate desire in us to want to be in the presence of god there's this innate desire in us to be with those uh who are the family of god and there's there's that we know no man according to paul in second corinthians again we know no man by the flesh anymore we know them by the spirit so this there's this this longing to be in god's presence be in hear his word it's soothing it's comforting so you have a hunger for god's word you have a desire to be in fellowship with god so that's prayer that's worship you have um you begin to acknowledge and recognize way to say you begin habits and behaviors that were acceptable acceptable to you before and all of a sudden you got conviction about it yeah yeah it's like right i really shouldn't be behaving like this totally why why am i acting like this and so you begin to start uh critically i call it conviction the holy spirit brings conviction you have this conviction about what's right and what's wrong in your behaviors and your attitudes in your actions and you start becoming you grow in sensitivity to that as you grow in your relationship with god so i don't know if that's a good uh answer to your question practically but i think it's as practical as you can get because so much of it is like that kind of just so much of it is faith you know what i mean even like getting over like like i was saying earlier like taking things off and getting over these sinful habits and behaviors and stuff it's right and so much of just faith that okay i'm going to take this step out and let go of this thing and yeah i'm going to let go of it because i know i know my heart's grieved about it yeah right and i see what it's doing to the people around me i see what it's doing to me and it's not just a self-awareness it really comes from god bringing uh that awareness absolutely and so you become alive to the things that matter to god right right and and you become and you're willing to subject yourself to his wisdom and his truth as it relates to it and just trusting that his way is better like absolutely i'm not going to lose anything i've never had a baby not trust his mother right or not trust its father right it doesn't sit there and go i don't know if i want to eat that i don't you know it might not like it right right but but it also but it knows well it it it's innate totally i'm gonna follow that person yeah this my mother's going to take care of me my father's going to take care of me and there's an innate sense of god working in you that you can trust him even with the stuff you don't understand and you don't really know right and and that awareness and you grow in that and develop that as long as you stay in his words stay in fellowship and relationship with him so right right hopefully that helps yeah no that's great man i love that like i said i love the way you always describe being born again i haven't really heard anybody talk about it in that way so but that'll preach how to preach come on somebody all right thank you guys for joining us we will see you next week please feel free to send all of your questions topics concerns to this number right here and we will get back to you absolutely all right thanks jared yep see you guys

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