Now That'll Preach | Episode 1 | Pets in Heaven?

Updated: Jul 6

We are so excited about this newest video series we are producing! People send in their questions and topics and without any preparation or knowledge of the topics and Pastor David responds. We received so many text messages that we have material for almost a whole year!

Something you've wondered about might just be covered some week. There will be new episodes every Tuesday on Facebook and YouTube!

Will There Be Pets in Heaven and What's the Deal with Marriage in Heaven?


hello my name is jared crowley and welcome to now that'll preach now that'll preach this is our inaugural episode our very first episode so thank you for joining us uh i'm here with of course pastor david freck and uh i am your host and uh so the the thing with this show that's a little bit different uh is that we're having you you know preach obviously five to ten minutes on the topic that uh you guys are sending in but the difference is you don't really know what's happening until i'm asking you these questions yeah there's been no no prep whatsoever these are cold this is cold calling that it's most terrifying all right so are you ready i i hope so we'll find out i think this depends on how maniacal you guys have decided to be i think i think the other thing is is we certainly want to thank everybody we've got an explosion of of texts we got 40 in like two days that's all between sunday and tuesday yeah so really appreciate and if you like this just continue to do that we'll send out little reminders periodically to encourage people to to text in any of their questions and i think it'll be a good hopefully it'll be a blessing to people yeah totally and if you want to send in any questions we'll have the number right here for you to uh text all of your questions and topics in and uh yeah so you ready sounds perfect let's do it so the first question is um all right let's go all right will there be pets in heaven thank you for the softball thank you for stopping now this is a theologically complex question right right now i will say that there is indicators that there are animals in heaven okay because we know that there are horses in heaven oh okay we know that from the story of jesus coming in his return we also know it from the book of revelation we also know it in relationship to the chariots coming down and picking elijah up now whether these are just spirit beings that take on the image of an animal that we would understand or be able to relate to i'd like to think that that's probably the reality of it yeah um my wife will tell you in her theology that god loves what we love and therefore he's gonna surround us with the things that we love so um i don't think she can back that up scripturally in the in the context of pets but um it's a nice thought so i think we'll be wonderfully surprised as the bible has little or nothing to say about it yeah right so i think that we can be um it will be a surprise either way it'll be a surprise either way uh here's what we know it it really i think i think the the one thing that would be against the idea of pets would be uh that there would be anything that would distract us from the presence and glory of god but it could also uh be a reflection of the great glory of god as well right in his creation so you could argue from both directions yeah and i don't think it's anything that's going to cause any of us hopefully it's not a deal breaker yeah hopefully it's like well if there's no pets i'm not going to heaven i'd be a little short-sighted yeah absolutely so well that leads me into another question that we got that's kind of related but probably a little bit more relevant and intense which is so you have this um you know this covenant that's set up in marriage between you know a man and a woman and that exists on earth and it's a representation of our relationship with christ and the bride of christ and all that so does that carry into heaven or is there no use for that and it's kind of like an earthly covenant that's just taken away and you guys are just really good friends or you hang out or yeah i think one of our mistakes would be to assimilate now the bible says that when we get to heaven this is in corinthians we will be known as we are known in other words the the the full uh the full spectrum of the reality of who we are in christ will be manifest it will be fully realized so you don't meet a stranger there's no strangers in heaven okay so you will know everybody and know them perfectly there is no restraint or limitation on your knowledge your ability to remember your association of relationships there's no limitations gotcha zero yeah uh is does it do does that uh develop into uh our knowledge of those that were significant in this earth while we were in the earth so wives children i think that i think that we will absolutely know them uh but as it relates to marriage the bible jesus clearly said uh because there was actually a question of a man that uh has a wife that dies and then he marries another wife and then they say well when they get to heaven who's going to be his real wife and he goes well that's the silliest he actually dismissed it as silly saying as you know there's neither marrying nor given in marriage in heaven so the covenant of marriage is a earthly covenant to reflect the heavenly reality and the idea of human or natural intimacy is not it's not a thing in heaven because we have complete knowledge complete intimacy complete understanding so uh will i know my wife in heaven absolutely will i value and celebrate who and what she was to me in earth i would think so yeah um but as it relates to that covenant um that the earthly covenant establishment that that uh kind of makes her exclusive right in the sense of to to me kind of those barriers are broken and and understand you know the sexuality piece is gone yeah right uh so all of that all of that isn't isn't affecting the way we relate to each other so that's why you can go through heaven you're literally gonna know everybody right and you're gonna know them perfectly yeah and so uh the the the filters that we use on earth are completely eliminated and and so every relationship is a perfect relationship every relationship is a healthy relationship ever there's the uniqueness of our personalities is purified and perfected right as opposed to our oddities become problems right right exactly so this is the thing that this is the thing that heaven produces for us that that um really displays the glory of god sure and then remembering that the the primary focus of heaven is the the glorious celebration of the lamb which is christ so um as far as being married in heaven yeah the the only marriage in heaven there is one marriage and that is the bride of christ at the marriage supper of the lamb that's the only marriage the only marriage is the covenant marriage the covenant relationship between the head which is jesus christ and the body which is the church so it's the full realization of that perfected covenant celebrated in the greatest most intimate uh earthly covenant that can be talked about or not right so it it we can't fully get our head around it simply because of of how sure yeah infinite and eternal that it is and so and and we can't filter we can't think of life without filters

it's impossible for us right so the ability to truly comprehend it and understand it uh you just have to get to heaven to experience it right so i would encourage everybody to get to heaven because then you can experience get your tickets now yeah get your ticket now absolutely all right absolutely so um yeah i i does that answer your question totally yeah i mean like in other words it basically is just it's not that like the idea of being married in heaven is like such a bad thing but it's more just it's unnecessary it's like why do you need this because you correct the idea is like intimacy to reflect intimacy with christ and you've got that in droves in heaven yeah yeah and without even out without the physical sensual aspect yeah right because you've got to understand the layers of love right um there are three primary words used for love in the bible there's more but there's three primary ones there's eros which is just what we would consider to be sexual love it's you know intimacy physical intimacy it's just kind of the and that's the lowest level of love right right and and in in our world we've elevated that that that is the highest expression of love but in the scriptures it's actually the lowest level of love now if it's if it's founded in if that's founded in covenant then it elevates its significance but if it's just um you know lust and passion and stuff like that then it minimizes it's power yeah okay so that's why you want to have covenant because then that magnifies and celebrates and elevates it totally yeah but then you've got then you've got phileo which is affection authentic affection friendship connectivity um the ability to relate celebrate one another and and and and be to one another uh that which is mutually supportive and healthy so that's the filleto you know where we get philadelphia brotherly love so it's this real a sense of emotional connectedness and then the final level of course is agape and agape is god's perfected and completed and perfect love and so when we get to heaven phileo and eros are absorbed interesting into agape it's only the environment of perfect love wow yeah so it's it's the best way to understand because we're like well i don't you know that's going to seem boring it's not going to be boring trust me it's not going to be it's going to be perfect love and that's how god is described right right he is love god is love therefore that you're in that environment so eros is not necessary fellaio is not necessary because perfected love is is the very environment the very atmosphere of heaven yeah yeah that makes sense yeah yeah i mean it's like any kind of like evolution of a relationship with someone it's like there's certain things that you don't need to experience with them anymore because it just you have other things that get the job done you know what i mean yeah and and once again eros is is a gift from god just right it was a gift from god just like agape is a gift from god but understanding when we get to heaven uh it literally becomes right that's probably the best way to understand it yeah well that's enough for me i think that answers that question well i appreciate those questions guys keep those kind of questions coming because i think i can handle those all righty well thank you guys for joining us uh like we've been saying all episodes send in your questions and uh like we said also we have a ton so if yours doesn't show up just keep watching we'll get to it eventually um but yeah thank you guys for joining us and we will see you next week now that'll preach that'll preach

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