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Led by Pastor David. Jiu-Jitsu is focused on the basic principles of fitness & self-defense with Biblical lessons that are learned through the training. We will discover what it takes to be "More than Conquerors". Meets at the COTH Campus. 

Sunday Evenings | 6:00 pm


Led by Ana Jensen. The purpose of this group is to encourage each other in our gifts and talents as we serve in His Kingdom. We will view a new television series, The Chosen. The series was created outside of the Hollywood system, to show Jesus through the eyes of those who knew him. We learn what life may have been for the disciples before they encounter Jesus. We meet Mary of Magdala, Peter, James and John and Nicodemus, as they meet the Rabbi who began his ministry in Capernaum. The series stays true to the gospels with insights about the lives of those we know from the scriptures. No matter where you are in your journey with Jesus Christ the series has touched many and renewed their faith. Meets on Sunday nights at COTH 6:00 pm starting February 9th. Childcare is available with RSVP on the website or app.

Sunday Evenings | 6:00 pm


Led by Jerry Haney. This Harvest Group is for anyone working in the business world and wants to live their faith in their place of employment as well as connect with other like-minded men and women. We will be challenged to become agents of change in the business, work and social environments in which we find ourselves immersed every day. Tuesday Mornings at 7:30am. Meeting at the ACA Business Club of Overland Park.

Tuesday Mornings | 7:30 am


Led by Lee Satterfield. Each week you will help prepare a gourmet dinner. We will dine family-style, talk, laugh, commune. We'll have a study based on Pastor David's last Sunday message. All are welcome. If you have unsaved friends, we will make room for all. Contact leader for details. Wednesday Evenings 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM in the leader's Olathe home.

Wednesday Evenings | 6:00 pm


Led by Chris and Wendy Wright. Jesus taught us to pray "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". We will explore together how to practically live a Kingdom-oriented life with the spiritual gifts God gives us to accomplish His purposes. We will examine the scriptures as well as practice using our gifts in a safe environment. Childcare is available for this group by RSVP on COTH website or app. Meeting at the leaders' home in Olathe.

Wednesday Evenings | 7:00 pm


Led by Ellen Varughese. We are all familiar with Bible study groups, but this is a Bible READING group that Ellen has put together. Yes, we'll read the Bible together in a group setting. We will meet weekly for 12 weeks and reading Genesis through Ruth together as a group (there will eventually be three more 12-week group reading sessions which will enable us to cover the entire Bible in one year).  Meeting at the COTH Olathe Campus.

Wednesday Evenings | 7:00 pm


Led by Dwight and Judy Plumlee. This Harvest Group is focused on growing together through the study of God's word.  We use various bible studies, video studies and books to bring us more understanding of God's word.  Thursday Nights at 6:30 pm. Meeting at the COTH Olathe Campus.

Thursday Evenings | 6:30 pm


Led by Pastor Royce Walker. WORD OF THE DAY x WORKOUT OF THE DAY. This group is for anyone and everyone who wants to grow in health and wholeness spiritually and physically. Every day, I will post a workout and a devotional through our Facebook group and Instagram page. To join this group simply follow us on Facebook and Instagram and turn on notifications.

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